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Cologne or Köln is a long time reputable party location in Germany, known as extremely friendly and liberal place full of celebrating locals and tourists.

  • Local Stag Organizer with Customers from all Europe
  • Assistance of Friendly Local Girl Guides
  • Specially Brewed Kolsch Beer & Historic Beer Halls
  • More than 70 Bars and Clubs for Partying
  • 50+ Activities & Programs

Cologne Nightlife

Cologne Nightlife

Cologne is a big, cosmopolitan city with many different sides and atmospheres.

There is always a party in Cologne, whether you are living it up during the world-famous annual carnival (Karneval) or enjoying the bars and clubs at almost any time of year.

Cologne nightlife is generally broken into two areas. The Zülpicher Straße with it's Party Mille has very good pubs & cocktail bars and it is the borough to get in the perfect mood.
The more central Rings area, between Friesenplatz and Rudolfplatz, as well as the nearby Belgium quarter are so popular for partying & clubbing.

The Friesenplatz also serves as the best known meeting point for the locals and the starting point for many nightlife exploits.

Cologne Practical Tips

Cologne Practical Tips

Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany. Located near the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands.

Every year more than 4 million people visit the city.

As for local drinks you must have a sip of Kölsch beer that is made exclusively in Cologne.
It is almost a hybrid between ale and lager. Traditionally served in tall glass of 0,2 litre, you can bet on having more than a dozen on a good night out.

The local currency is Euro. The official language of the country is German and some useful words you might need include:

- "Hallo" = hi
- "Tschüss" = goodbye
- "Bitte" = please
- "Danke" = thank you
- "Ein Bier bitte" = One beer please
- "Ich spreche kein Deutsch" = I don't speak German

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